W@V Mentoring Circle Program

A program for personal growth & networking for women at Visma. Due to the COVID-19 situation and recomendations the next program will be posponed until further notice.

80% of professional women in a LinkedIn survey said having a mentor was important, but only 20% actually had one

What is it all about?

Would you like:

  • to get access to women in different roles, from other companies in Visma, for advice and mentoring?
  • to be challenged and pushed a bit outside of your comfort zone?
  • to contribute to other womens growth and advise others with your profession, knowledge and experience?

If the answer is yes to the above questions, you should continue to read.


We are inviting all women in Oslo to apply for the Women@Visma Mentoring Circle Program.

We are offering a program for 14 participants, over 4 evenings, packed with professional content, talented speakers, exciting challenges, teambuilding and a lot of fun!

Get to know the people behind the program!


Read the Visma Blogg about the Mentoring Circle Program here!

Read the Visma Mentoring Circle Blogg


The Mentoring Circle Program

Do you want to apply?

The program has fixed dates, and as a participant it is required that you participate in all four sessions. There are no skills requirements, but we expect you to be engaged and an active participant. By entering the mentoring circle you also accept spending some time mentoring other participants, if you are asked. The same way, you can expect other participants to spend some time mentoring you, if you ask.

Selection is based on diversity and motivation. If one or more role or department has applicants, there will be a lottery.

If you have any questions, please contact us on [email protected] or contact one of us directly.