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Pictures from our event 14.01.2016


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Our first network structure presentation - how it all started 2014 11 14 - More information here

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Always #LikeAGirl

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Effort to Increase the Number of Female Students in Computer Science in Norway


Women Matter  - Gender diversity in top management: Moving corporate culture, moving boundaries. McKinsey&Company

Women Matter 2013 has clearly indicated that companies can take action now, both to support women’s ambitions and to build men’s awareness of the specific barriers that women face on their way to the top. This report specifically calls for a revised and truly gender-neutral performance model, and to foster the creation of a culture that welcomes diverse leadership styles.


Diversity Matters 2015 research. McKinsey&Company

The “Diversity Matters” research looked at the relationship between the level of diversity (defined as a greater share of women and a more mixed ethnic/racial composition in the leadership of large companies) and company financial performance (measured as average EBIT 2010–2013). The research is based on financial data and leadership demographics compiled for this purpose from hundreds of organisations and thousands of executives in the United Kingdom, Canada, Latin America, and the United States. The size of the dataset allows for results that are statistically significant and the analysis is the first that we are aware of that measures how much the relationship between diversity and performance is worth in terms of increased profitability.