General information

Women@Visma is a network established with the long-term strategy to inspire and connect women all over the Visma group. Our main goal is to increase collaboration between the Visma companies internally, by bringing women from different parts of Visma together, establish good communications relations and create professional commitment. Our network will also support and encourage Visma´s women to share professional knowledge and develop their competency scheme. The Women@Visma network is run on a voluntary basis, and all activities will be held outside regular working hours and on each individual’s expense.

The story behind the foundation of Women@Visma - our first event in Oslo

Women@Visma steering committee

We have volunteered to establish this initiative, realizing the essential need for such a network in Visma group. We are committed to turn our network into a lively, inspiring network and truly believe that together we can make a difference for us all.

We are organized in Oslo, and our steering committee includes:
• Aase Settevik (Director of Brand & Communications), Visma AS
• Liv-Kari Kroken (Managing Director), Visma Financial Solutions AS
• Eline Karlshaugen (Communication Manager), Visma IT & Communications AS
• Alicia Halaas (HR Director), Visma Software AS
• Lise Jokstad Hafskold (Business Improvement Manager), Visma Enterprise AS
• Ellen Snedal (International Product Manager), Visma Software Labs AS


At this point, since our initiative is still under development, we will focus to arrange activities in Oslo only. Women from other locations are welcome to use our materials in order to establish additional local networks. We hope that you find our events a place to mingle and establish new contacts, as well as hear inspiring speeches and enjoy yourselves. As our network is still under development we are grateful for input and ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us directly or through our email: [email protected].