Can you ship or import goods VAT free to Norway?

Dispatches with value under NOK 200 may be imported to Norway VAT free. This limit is particularly practical when selling goods from abroad to Norwegian consumers, e.g. via internet. It is the total value of the dispatch that is of interest in regard to this limit. One dispatch can consist of unlimited number of items.

Due to the change in government in Norway, the limit for VAT free import may increase. It is not decided how much the limit is to increase, the suggestions vary between NOK 400 and NOK 1 000.

Norwegian businesses in retail strongly oppose to this change. The Norwegian retailers have to add 25 % VAT whether or not they sell items valued over or under the limit for VAT free importation. They find that an increase of this limit, will give an increased advantage to foreign retailers addressing the Norwegian consumers.

If you are a foreign business with sales to Norway, it is important to be aware of changes in this limit, so that you may adapt sales  to the new regulations.

We will get back with further information about the limit, and when the change is to bee set into effect. If you want a notification when we have news regarding this, please e-mail one of the contacts listed below.

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