Highlights from the Norwegian 2016 Fiscal Budget

and the proposed tax reform.

To give a summary of the most important proposals Visma invites you to a seminar where experts from Visma Lawyers go through the main proposals on tax and surcharge.

The 7th of October, the Norwegian Government presented the 2016 Fiscal Budget and a proposal for a new tax reform based on Scheel-Committee's report.

Reduced demand from the petroleum sector and slow growth poses a structural challenge to the mainland economy. The main challenge is to create new jobs in sectors exposed to international competition.

In conjunction with the 2016 budget, the Government presents a white paper to the Storting outlining proposals for tax reform. The aim is to create a more effective tax system to spur productivity and growth. Following international trends of corporate tax rate reductions, the Government proposes a tax reform that reduces the corporate tax rate further, to 22 per cent by 2018. The proposals will have significant impact on the fiscal framework for companies and shareholders.

The seminar is in English and take place on

Time: Monday 19th October 08.00-10.00
Place: Visma building in Dronning Eufemias gate 16, Bjørvika, Oslo

08:00-08:30 Registration & coffee
08:30-10:00 Seminar

Free of charge.


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