Visma Procurement Partnership
for customers of Adacc Regnskap

Adacc Regnskap has signed an agreement with Visma, the largest Nordic purchasing collaboration. Visma negotiate on behalf of 15.000 customers, with a total purchasing volume of 2 billion NOK. This ensures you economies of scale with over 40 selected suppliers, in many industries. Adacc Regnskap

As a customer of Adacc Regnskap you get free access to Visma Procurement Partnership.

Suppliers and savings

Visma Procurement Partnership saves you money on flight, hotel, car rental, cleaning services, coffee, telephone services, electricity, courier and much more. It also saves you the time it takes to negotiate good deals and manage all purchases. This way you can focus more on your core business.

This is how the procurement partnership works

  1. Visma negotiates economies of scale with selected reputable suppliers
  2. As a customer you do not need to deal with negotiation and administration of procurement contracts
  3. You shop directly from suppliers at discounted prices

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