I am a Visma.net ERP customer

If you already are a Visma.net EPR customer, you can freely use the API to build integrations for your own company.

You will have access to:

  • Building integrations for your business
  • Documentation and information on our developer forums
Get started with the Visma Developer Portal

Become an ISV partner

If you and your company want to build solutions that can be used by and sold to all Visma.net ERP customers, your company must be a Visma.net ISV partner.

As an ISV partner, you will have access to:

  • Online courses and training
  • Priority access to our developer forums, with answers from our API specialists
  • Posting your solutions on the Visma marketplace
  • Participation in our Visma.net events
  • Own Visma.net test and development environment



Contact Us

Partner program: kundesenteret@visma.com

API documentation

Read the API documentation here.


Mapping form for integrations

To become a Cloud ISV Partner, a valid partner agreement and a minimum of 1 certified developer on the Cloud API are required. This provides the following accesses:

At company level:

  • All developers get access to the Visma.net developer forum
  • All developers get read access to the API demo environment
  • The company receives invitations to Visma Software AS Partner Events
  • The company gets access to the Marketplace

As a certified Cloud API developer, you also get:

  • Access to online courses in Visma Learning Universe
  • Visma.net API certification
  • Relevant ERP/HRM course
  • Competence replenishment in the form of updates, news and more functionality
  • Invitations to Partner Events for certified consultants

Price: NOK 450 per month per certified developer

Developers who work at a Cloud ISV Partner, but who do not get certified, get the following:

  • Documentation - start-up package Visma.net API
  • Read access to developer forum

Price: 0,-

I want to become an ISV-partner

Become an ISV-partner

Your contact information

Who will be the technical administrator?

The same person listed above

Which system do you wish to integrate?

What is the name of the system that is to be integrated towards a Visma-system?

If you wish to integrate multiple systems, this form needs to be completed separately for each system.

What purpose will the integration serve?

Description of the integration

Describe how the integration will be used, and what functionality that will be available to the end-user. Feel free to include a link to their website as well.

Do you want Visma.net certification?

Download Vismas ISV-agreement here

We will send a confirmation via email when the agreement is registered in our system.



Do you have any questions, or are you interested in a demonstration of our products? Please get in touch.



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I need support


Visma Support

Please get in touch with your partner. Our network of partners assures that your company gets access to local council, answers and support.