Visma bWise QMC*Connector for NPrinting

About the QMC*Connector

NPrinting is an add-on for traditional static reporting and distribution in your Qlik BI-solution.

Visma bWise, with our 130+ customers have been working with NPrinting for a many years prior to Qlik aquiring the solution from Vizubi, and identified the need for a seemless integration between the Qlik Management Console ( QMC) and NPrinting. So we built one for a stable production environment.

This connector lets the administrator include NPrinting tasks with your everyday reload and scheduling tasks in Qlik QMC. Using this innovation, you will save time by administering everything from QMC, and avoid repetitive tasks in both QMC and NPrinting environment. The connector synchronizes QMC with NPrinting, which prevents a QMC task from aborting or executing before a NPrinting task has been completed. Runtime logging and statistics, including any error messages, are stored for necessary audits.

Benefits with the QMC*Connector:

  • Schedule/start NPrinting tasks from QMC. No repetitive administration.
  • NPrinting tasks for report production and distribution can be started automatically when Qlik data models have been loaded and updated.
  • The connector synchronizes QMC with NPrinting, preventing it from finishing before a task is completed. This also allows for sequencing tasks according to NPrinting Connect tasks.



QMC*Connector is implemented as a QlikView-file (.qvw) and this can be utilized in two ways:

  • You copy the connector template, and do a configuration that is generic and task specific, to run a given NPrinting task or job in a .nsg file. The file I stored and coupled to a QMC task.
  • You do only a generic configuration in the connector, and the remaining configuration is accomplished by transferring the parameters from the QMC task.

Examples screenshots below from the QMC*Connector are:

  • Runtime historic data with: start, end, duration and status. Including list of NPrinting tasks completed.
  • Configuration specific to each single job. ( all configuration is done through an explanatory user-friendly interface.
  • Basic configuration.

Skjermbilder av QlikView NPrinting

Finally, a screenshot from QMC showing three tasks using the QMC*Connector. The two front windows show examples of how to configure which NPrinting-task to execute.

Skjermbilder av QlikView NPrinting


For more information, licensing and access to trial version, please send an email to or call +47 22 42 42 50


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