Process Mining webinar juli 2020.png

I samarbeid med Process Mining-ekspertene i Mehrwerk inviterer vi deg til dette webinaret hvor du får se hvordan en av verdens største merkevarer benytter process mining.

As an online marketer you know it: A visitor browses your shop, puts his desired product in the shopping cart and is about to buy it. But then - at the last moment - he breaks off and flows into your "Cart Abandonment Rate" as a negative performer. Were the shipping costs too high for him? Did the voucher code not work? Did personal information have to be re-entered? Seemingly unfathomable. Not quite! Using Process Mining technology, you remove stumbling blocks from the customer journey and significantly increase eCommerce performance.

We invite you to follow an exciting use case!

Dato: 9. juli

Tid: 15.00 - 16.00

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