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The law firm Visma Advokater is a Norwegian full range business law firm especially focusing on tax, VAT, labour law, corporate law and related legal areas. The law firm is part of the Visma Group, the leading provider of outsourcing services and relevant software tools in the Nordic region. We provide legal assistance to a wide range of clients, from startups to multinational groups, covering a variety of business industries.

Our lawyers have considerable experience from various law firms and public authorities. We have international experience and are well equipped to work with foreign companies and authorities towards their legal needs.


Legal assistance - personal attention

Our lawyers emphasize personal service, individual attention and a close and informal cooperation based on trust. Our goal is to provide high quality legal assistance in a timely manner and at reasonable rates. All services are customized to the individual needs of our clients, whether business or individual.


Informal consultation

We offer new customers a non-binding review of their need for legal assistance. To facilitate this, we provide 30 minutes of legal assistance free of charge by phone or email in new cases.


Doing business in Norway - Tax alert

Tax alert - Norway

Attention: Non-Norwegian corporations with business activities in Norway in 2016.

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Legal assistance in Norway - doing business

Doing Business in Norway

There are numerous important topics to consider when doing business in Norway. Our lawyers have comprehensive experience and can assist your company with all practicalities and compliance obligations. Read more.

Tax in Norway

The law firm Visma Advokater is one of Norway's leading companies with regard to managing tax for foreign businesses. Find out how we can assist your company.

Legal assistance in Norway - tax

Legal assistance - Vat

VAT in Norway

Foreign businesses that start up activities liable to VAT in Norway must calculate and pay VAT in the same way as Norwegian businesses. Read more about VAT in Norway and find out how Visma can assist your business.


Expats in Norway

Working as an expat leads to obligations to Norway. Visma has considerable experience with legal assistance for expats and provide many services for expats working in Norway. Find out how we can assist you.

Legal assistance - expats

 Legal assistance in Norway - labour law

Labour law 

The Norwegian labour law regulates matters such as limits on working hours, employment contracts, redundancies and dismissals, working environment etc. Read more about how the lawyers in Visma can assist your company.


Legal assistance - other areas of expertise:


Corporate law

The lawyers in Visma regularly provide legal assistance in all areas of corporate law from establishing companies, through the many challenges you face in daily operations, including changing capital needs, buying and selling of stocks, restructuring and transformation to dissolution of companies.

Public procurement

The annual value of Norwegian public procurement is estimated at NOK 400 billion. Public procurement in Norway is governed by a set of rules that are meant to ensure fair competition, integrity and predictability in the procurement process, and the equal treatment of providers. We know these rules and can help your company through the bidding process.

Contract law

We can assist in the preparation of written agreements that clarify the obligations of each party. Visma Advokater has broad expertise and skilled lawyers who assist with contracts related to outsourcing processes, ICT, mergers, acquisitions, demergers, rental agreements, employment contracts, supplier and customer agreements and contracts related to real estate.

Real Estate

There are special rules and regulations related to tax, VAT and corporate law governing the operations, restructuring and realization of real estate. Our real estate lawyers provide legal assistance to builders and property owners, and have extensive experience in counselling and litigation related to real estate projects.

Legal assistance - MSI

International reach

The law firm Visma Advokater AS is a member of MSI Global Alliance (MSI), a leading international association of independent legal and accounting firms.

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More information about how Visma can help you:


Legal assistance in Norway - Establish a business

Establish a business

Which form of corporation you choose is of great importance in relation to liability, risk, tax, rights and duties.



Legal assistance - work in Norway

Work in Norway

Visma can take care of all your obligations towards Norwegian authorities.



Legal assistance - VAT representative

VAT representative

Visma act as a VAT representative for foreign companies with VAT liable activity in Norway.



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