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Doing business in Norway

Foreign multinationals entering Norway for the first time are often surprised by the multitude of compliance obligations, and also by the efficiency of the Norwegian public authorities when it comes to becoming aware of their presence in Norway.

If your company is planning to conduct activity in Norway for a longer period of time, you should consider setting up a separate Norwegian company. Read more on our page Establish a business in Norway, where you can download our useful checklist.

If your company will be present in Norway only for a shorter period of time, it might not be necessary or advisable to establish a Norwegian company. The foreign company must then register as a "Norwegian registered foreign company" (NUF). The company will subsequently receive an organization number and be registered in the The Brønnøysund Register Centre (Companies Registry).

Through our wide range of services, Visma can assist you with all the practicalities and compliance obligations you are faced with when doing business in Norway. In addition to our accounting and payroll services, we offer legal assistance related to Norwegian tax & VAT, contracts, corporate law and labour law.

This page provides an overview of Visma's services developed to help foreign companies succeed when doing business in Norway. Feel free to contact us today for a non-binding review.

Doing business in Norway - Tax alert

Tax alert - Norway

Attention: Non-Norwegian corporations with business activities in Norway in 2016.

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Doing business in Norway - Establish a business

Establish a business in Norway

Business activities may be organized in various ways. Visma can help you decide which entity that best suits your purposes, taking into account commercial considerations, tax and VAT issues, compliance and administrative costs and limitation of liability. Read more about how we can assist.


Accounting services in Norway

Foreign companies that conduct business in Norway and are taxable to Norway for their income are obliged to keep their books in accordance with the Norwegian Accounting Act and Bookkeeping Act. Visma is the largest accounting supplier in Norway. Read more about our services.


Doing business in Norway - Accounting

Doing business in Norway - Payroll

Payroll in Norway

Payroll is a specialist field that can be both costly and challenging to keep inside your organization. Outsourcing will allow you to focus on developing your core business. We adapt our solution to your business, and we can handle any type of process within payroll management. Read more.


Legal assistance 

The lawyers in Visma have extensive experience in corporate law. With your best interest in mind, we can guide you through the jungle of laws and regulations and take care of all your obligations towards Norwegian authorities. Find out how we can help you.


Doing business in Norway - Legal

Doing business in Norway - Work in Norway

Work in Norway

There are many important topics to consider for both the employer and the employee related to work in Norway. In Visma we are equipped to assist both the employer and the expatriate with the necessary obligations, starting with Norwegian residence permits. More information.


Legal services for expats

Visma has considerable experience with legal assistance for expats and provide many services for expats working in Norway. We help completing and submitting your tax return and we make sure that you receive all the deductions you are entitled to. Read more about our services.


Doing business in Norway - Expats

Doing business in Norway - Labour law

Labour law

If a foreign employee is employed by a Norwegian company in Norway, the Norwegian Working Environment Act governs his or her employment. But what if the employee remains employed in a foreign company, and is dispatched to Norway for a period of time? The lawyers in Visma can assist.


Tax in Norway

If your business activities are taxable in Norway, you will, normally be subject to the same tax principles and rates as Norwegian companies and the company is obliged to submit an annual tax return. Find out how the lawyers and tax experts in Visma can assist.


Doing business in Norway - Tax

Doing business in Norway - Vat

VAT in Norway

Foreign businesses that start up business activities liable to VAT in Norway must calculate and pay VAT in the same way as Norwegian businesses. VAT is payable on all sales of goods and services unless specifically exempted. Read more about how we can assist.


VAT representative

Foreign businesses that sell goods and services in Norway without having a place of business or a place of residence, must be registered through a representative in the VAT-register. This is a simple and flexible way to sell goods or services in Norway. Let Visma be your VAT representative in Norway. More information


Doing business in Norway - VAT representative

Doing business in Norway - iit

Individual income tax return

It is your responsibility, as an employee, to submit your tax return with all the correct details by 30th of April the year following the income year. Mistakes can lead to increased tax, penalties or fines. Let us take care of your tax return. Find out how.


Important topics to consider when doing business in Norway:

  • What kind of entity?

  • Registration and reporting obligations

  • Corporate tax

  • Payroll tax and employee taxation

  • Labour law

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • Import and export of goods and services

  • Accounting and auditing

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