Today I got on the train leaving Skøyen to visit with our offices in Fredrikstad. I’m working in Visma Contracting who deliver software solutions to craftsmen and plumbers and other similar industries. In my current project I’m looking at the pricing model for the courses we are offering to our users and how to improve that and at the same time lower the amount of calls made to our support team. Today I visited with the support manager of Visma Software. Visma Contracting is a sub-group of Visma Software. He told me how they priced their courses and how they sold them, and we discussed the project I currently have as a trainee in Visma.

It was very insightful and he brought up points that I’ve yet to consider so it was a very interesting and giving meeting. One of the things I’ve been really impressed with is the openness of the experienced workers in Visma and their willingness and ability to help me as a trainee.

When I left we agreed to keep communicating and discussing my findings!  All in all it was great to visit another Visma office and meet other Visma employees.